project humedia

A meeting of like minded media

The mission brief:

In a world fraught with conflicts over the ability to manipulate discrete and correlative entities, Project Humdia endeavours to explore the possibilities of an understanding of a humble humanity as enmeshed media within the world. Transcending the philosophical movements from objects to things and the related debates, discourses and dichotomies with subjects and agents, we propose a step into an embrace with media and mediation between entangled constituents of this common world. Given the increasing amounts of ink spent on articulating notions of permeability and partibility of personhood and the concurrent research developing enmeshed human/animal-computer interfaces, it is only too appropriate to explore what are the broader possibilities of humans as capricious media in all temporal paradigms – as humedia.

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Participating media:

Andrew Cochrane, Cardiff University

Ian Russell, University of Notre Dame & University College Dublin

Aaron Watson,

Chris Witmore, Brown University


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