IRAC Intervetion #1 - Avebury, Wiltshire (2007)


Recent criticisms of the phenomenological approach to understanding how some people in the past engaged with an environment have highlighted the predominance of depictions of protagonists romantically strolling through the landscape. It is perhaps ironic that sites which were once locations of toil, exertion and struggle are now almost only approached as areas for leisure and reflection. This video seeks to explore alternative engagements with the present past. Inspired by the art of free running, we move – both theoretically and physically – away from more sedate preambles and enactments. We choose instead to explore the performance of running through space and place. Through a rapid, visceral engagement with space, the capricious possibilities of engagement are confronted both as pleasure and pain. The ground creates the canvas, with bipedal locomotion the ‘frame by frame’ for new experience. Via the process of time lapse pixilation, we present a three minute moving picture of us performing through and in an archaeological complex. Stop-motion animation prompts re-animated discussion.

Audio Intervention


Designed by iArchitectures (2007).

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