Trans Form Actions

Sculpture in the Parklands, Lough Boora Parklands, Co. Offaly, Ireland

a collaboration between University College Dublin and the Lough Boora Parklands

with Pat Cooke, Gabriel Cooney and Kevin O'Dwyer

This project, under the curation of Kevin O'Dwyer, will result in a series of additions to the Sculpture in the Parklands collection from 2009-2012.

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The Lough Boora Parklands are a unique public landscape feature in the Midlands in Ireland. With a tradition of supporting artistic intervention in the landscape, the Sculpture in the Parklands project under the directorship of Kevin O’Dwyer provides an opportunity for LandArt interventions within the rich and diverse cultural landscape of the Midlands of Ireland. Resonating with the industrial heritage of peat extraction, human interaction with wetlands and boglands and with rural community arts projects, the setting of the Sculpture in the Parklands project provides a superb scenario for the exploration of themes of landscape transformation, human agency and environmental and ecological sustainability.

University College Dublin will be responsible for the intervention. The project will be directed by Professor Gabriel Cooney with day to day management by Dr Ian Russell supported by Andrew Cochrane. The intervention will be organised in collaboration with and executed by Kevin O’Dwyer of Sculpture in the Parklands, Lough Boora Parklands. The intervention will consist of installations of art pieces by prominent international landscape artists within the Lough Boora Parklands, Co. Offaly and University College Dublin. The first of these installations will run in parallel with the opening of the World Peat Conference in Tullamore, Co. Offaly and the World Archaeological Congress in University College Dublin both of which will be held in June 2008. Subsequent installations will occur within the Lough Boora Parklands on a yearly basis in 2009 and 2010. The collaboration between University College Dublin and the Lough Boora Parklands will also allow for academic and artistic investment in local, rural communities in Offaly through the provision of public lectures and guided tours by members of the academic community of University College Dublin. There will also be an exhibition and presentations of the results of this intervention as well as of other interventions in the Transformations project at the World Archaeological Congress at University College Dublin in June 2008.

The timing of this intervention with the World Archaeological Congress and World Peat Conference offers the opportunity to present the results of this intervention as well as the Trans-formations project to a global audience. This will facilitate global awareness of the scenarios and the interventions not only in Ireland but also throughout the European landscape.

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